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Our Team

Preliminary is made up of skaters under the age of 13 who have passed Pre-Preliminary Moves, however the majority of our skaters have passed Pre Juvenile Moves. We encourage skaters to develop and practice freestyle, moves and dance tests. Skaters all come from the Rochester and Syracuse areas and we practice once a week, typically for 1.5 hours. Outside of synch, we all practice our individual skills for at least 1 hour/week.

Our History

One of MI's competitive youth teams, we are eager to grow and learn synch skills and transitions as well as understanding IJS scoring. We have a team mascot named Murray (he's a squirrel). Our goal is to have fun and learn as we perform our program to a classic piece and hope to entertain the audience and judges.



Connecticut Synchro Classic - 2nd

Eastern Synchro Sectionals - 6th

Colonial Classic - 5th

Terry Conners - 3rd

Boston Classic - 6th


Eastern Synchro Sectionals - 7th

Reflections Synchro Invitational - 3rd

Colonial Classic - 3rd

Cape Cod Classic - 9th

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