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Synchronized Skating Team

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The preliminary team is made up of  8-20 skaters. All skaters must be 13 years and younger and there are no test requirements for this team.

The team practices 1.5 hour each week in addition to occasional off-ice sessions. Practices are typically held on weekends at Rochester Ice Center.

 Skaters are expected to practice their individual skills for one hour each week in addition to synch practice. The team will attend several travel competitions throughout the synch season. This team focuses on developing higher skating skills, loving synch and making friends. Skaters should be able to execute the following moves:

-  Forward and backward crossovers
-  Cross behinds (Left/Right)
-  Forward spiral (Left/Right)
-  Bunny hop 
-  Lunge (Forward/Back)
-  Closed Mohawk (with close feet)
-  Forward 3 Turns (Left/Right)

Skaters are expected to perform the above and will be evaluated upon:

• Good balance

• Good skating skill with speed and upper body control 

• Clean and controlled edges 

• Nice posture and body line 

• Ability to hold an extension 

• Proper pushing off the blade 

• Ability to skate to the beat of the music 

• Ability to pay attention and listen to directions