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Synchronized Skating Team

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The Intermediate team is made up of 12-20 skaters who have all passed the Intermediate Moves in the Field test. All skaters on the team must be under the age of nineteen. The team is coached by Jessica Stratton.

The team practices 3.5 hours each week in addition to monthly off-ice sessions. The practices are held Saturday mornings from 7:30 am to 9:00 am and Sunday evenings from 3:10 pm to 5:10 pm at Rochester Ice Center. Several skaters also work with Next Level Strength and Conditioning. Skaters are required to practice their individual skills for two hours each week. The team attends 3-5 travel competitions over the course of the season. Mirror Images prefers that skaters have passed their Junior Moves in the Field test. Skaters should be able to execute the following moves with speed, control and flow:

-  Falling Leaf Jump
-  Flying Camel
-  Camel, Sit, Back Scratch Spin combo
-  Ina Bauers (L/R), Spread Eagles (L/R), Heel Stretches (L/R), Biellman Spiral, 170*
-  Spirals (L/R) - 135*
-  Split Jumps
-  Toe Steps and Toe turns
-  Brackets, Rockers, Counters, Choctaws (All)
-  Twizzles - FI (L/R) & BO (L/R)
-  Series 1: FI Bracket, BO Counter, FO Rocker 
-  Series 2: BI Rocker, FI Bracket, BO Counter
-  Series 3: FI Rocker, BI Counter, FI Twizzle
-  Series 4: BO Rocker, FO Bracket, BI Counter
Series 5: BI Rocker, FI Counter