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Synchronized Skating Team

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The Intermediate team is made up of 12-20 skaters who have all passed the juvenile moves in the field test. All skaters on the team must be under the age of nineteen as of July 1st..

The team practices 3.5 hours each week in addition to monthly off-ice sessions. The practices are held Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons at Rochester Ice Center.. Skaters are required to practice their individual skills minimally for two hours each week. The team attends 3-5 travel competitions over the course of the season. Mirror Images prefers that skaters have passed their Junior Moves in the Field test. Skaters should be able to execute the following moves with speed, control and flow:

-  Falling Leaf Jump
-  Flying Camel
-  Camel, Sit, Back Scratch Spin combo
-  Ina Bauers (L/R), Spread Eagles (L/R), Heel Stretches (L/R), Biellman Spiral, 170*
-  Spirals (L/R) - 135* - REQUIREMENT
-  Split Jumps
-  Toe Steps and Toe turns
-  Brackets, Rockers, Counters, Choctaws (All)
-  Twizzles - FI (L/R) & BO (L/R) - with variations such as extended foot or arms, and/or waltz jump entry.
-  Series 1: FI Bracket, BO Counter, FO Rocker 
-  Series 2: BI Rocker, FI Bracket, BO Counter
-  Series 3: FI Counter, BI Rocker, FI Bracket
-  Series 4: BO Rocker, FO Bracket, BI Counter
Series 5: BI Rocker, FI Counter

Skaters are expected to perform the above and will be evaluated upon:

• Outstanding skating skills

• Clean and controlled edges 

• Upper body control 

• Speed, flow and the ability to accelerate through execution of patterns and formations 

• Excellent posture and carriage 

• Controlled, strong extensions 

• Proper finish (pointed toes, turned heads, locked arms) 

• Deep knee/ankle bend and body lean 

• Ability to skate to the beat of the music show expressive movement matching different musical styles 

• Ability to skate with confidence and security on their own and connected in line 

• Ability to adapt to and pick up changes quickly 

• Spatial awareness 

• Stability through turns 

• Ability to maintain speed and control while executing difficult turns