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Open Collegiate/Collegiate

Our Team

Our Open Collegiate/Collegiate team is designed for full time college or graduate students who chose to continue skating while pursuing their academics.  We come from multiple universities in Western NY including, but not limited too, University of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology, SUNY Brockport, SUNY Geneseo, Monroe Community College, Nazareth University, St. John Fisher, and University of Buffalo. We practice once a week and typically do off ice prior to skating. The team hosts virtual recruitment sessions in the Spring and on ice sessions in mid-Spring and early fall but people are welcome to attend any practice session during the season providing they contact us first.  

Our History

This is the 8th year MI has offered an opportunity for college age skaters and we are always looking for new members. We started as a totally student run group but joined the TCFSC in our 2nd season.  Our previous programs have been Moulin Rouge, Sia, Heather Headley, Dreamgirls, Cinematic Orchestra, Leona Lewis, and a medley from the Great Gatsby soundtrack.


We also have a separate website that can be reached here!


Open Collegiate 2022-2023

Eastern Sectionals - 6th

Terry Conners Classic - 3rd

Boston Classic - 3rd

Open Collegiate 2021-2022

Eastern Synchro Sectionals - 3rd

Porter Classic - 8th

Boston Classic - 3rd

Collegiate 2019-2020

USFS Nationals - 12th

Eastern Synchro Sectionals - 5th

Porter Classic - 9th

Boston Classic - 4th

Open Collegiate 2018-2019

Eastern Synchro Sectionals - 2nd

Porter Classic - 3rd

Boston Classic - 2nd

Open Collegiate 2017-2018

Empire State Games - 1st

Eastern Synchro Sectionals - 3rd

Terry Conners - 5th

Skaneateles Invitational - 2nd

Open Collegiate 2016-2017

Empire State Games - 3rd

Eastern Synchro Sectionals - 4th

Terry Conners - 4th

Skaneateles Invitational

Open Collegiate 2015-2016

Empire State Games - 2nd

Eastern Synchro Sectionals  - 6th

Skaneateles Invitational - 2nd

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