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Pre Juvenile

Our Team

Pre Juvenile is made up of skaters age 17 and younger who have passed Preliminary Moves. Our members are actively working on skating skills, freestyle and dance tests. Skaters all come from the Rochester area and we practice twice a week, typically 2.5 hours. Outside of synch, we like to practice our individual skills for at least 1.5 hours/week.

Our History

MI's longest running team, we've only had a few seasons without a PJ line.  Our previous PJ programs have included songs from various musicians and medley's including Gloria Estefan, the Jungle Book, Moana, Enchanted,  Rock and Roll, Boogie Shoes, Magic and many others. We are super excited to stomp our boots with a country themed program this season.



Reflections Synchro Invitational - 1st

Eastern Synchro Sectionals - 5th

Colonial Classic - 2nd

Cape Cod Classic - 6th


Tri-State Skating Championships - 2nd

Colonial Classic - 2nd


Reflections Invitational - 2nd

Eastern Synchro Sectionals - 9th Qualifying

Colonial Classic - 3rd

Cape Cod Classic - 3rd

Skaneateleles Invitational - 1st


Reflections Invitational - 4th

Eastern Synchro Sectionals - 4th Qualifying

Colonial Classic - 7th

Cape Cod Classic - 6th Final

Cape Cod Classic - 3rd Qualifying

Skaneateles Invitational - 1st


Reflections Invitational - 5th

Empire State Games - 4th

Colonial Classic - 8th

Cape Cod Classic - 8th

Skaneateles Invitational - 2nd


Eastern Challenge Series - 8th

Reflections Invitational - 

Easter Synchro Sectionals - 9th Finals

Eastern Synchro Sectionals - 2nd

Colonial Classic - 6th

Cape Cod Classic - 5th

Skaneateles Invitational - 1st


Port City Invitational - 1st

Reflections Invitational - 1st

Eastern Synchro Sectionals - 7th Finals

Eastern Synchro Sectionals - 2nd Qualifying

Colonial Classic - 4th

Cape Cod Classic - 3rd

Skaneateles Invitational - 1st


Niagara Invitational - 1st

Spring Skate Festival - 2nd

Eastern Synchro Sectionals - 6th Qualifying

Port City Invitational - 2nd

Colonial Classic - 7th

Skaneateles Invitational - 3rd


Genesee Invitational - 1st 

Spring Skate Festival - 4th

Eastern Synchro Sectionals - 7th Qualifying

Skaneateles Invitational - 3rd

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