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Synchronized Skating Team

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Pre Juvenile

Pre Juvenile

The Pre Juvenile team is made up of 8-20 skaters. All skaters must be 17 years and younger and there are test requirements 
according to the United States Figure Skating Association.

The team practices 2 hours each week in addition to off-ice sessions.  The practices are held at Rochester Ice Center on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.  Skaters are expected to practice an additional 1-2 hours each week outside of synch practice.  Mirror Images prefers that all skaters have passed their Preliminary Moves in the Field Test but higher tested skaters are welcome. Skaters should be able to demonstrate the following skills with speed and flow:

- 3-Turns (All Directions)
- Mohawks (L/R)
- Scratch Spins
- Spirals (L/R)
- Alternating forward outside three turns
- Power Pulls (Forward/Back)
- Cross Rolls (Forward/Back)
- Power Stroking
- Lunges (Forward/Back)
- Bunny Hops and Falling Leafs
- Select toe steps
- Chasses, progressives, and swing rolls

Skaters are expected to perform the above and will be evaluated upon:

• Strong skating skill with good speed and upper body control 

• Clean and controlled edges 

• Nice posture and body line 

• Ability to hold a strong extension

• Proper pushing off the blade 

• Ability to skate to the beat of the music 

• Ability to skate with confidence and security on their own and in the line 

• Potential to progress throughout the season 

• Ability to pay attention and listen to directions