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Join Us!

Tryouts for the 2023-2024 season were held on Saturday, April 29th at Rochester Ice Center. 
If you missed tryouts and would still like to join us for the 2023-2024 season, please fill out the form here: 2023-2024 MI Tryouts

Skaters interested in joining introductory youth lines are able to join in September and October.


We have created a sign-up link for any of our Adult/18+ teams here. We are hoping to field Open Collegiate/Open Adult, Adult, Masters and Open Masters teams for the coming season. If you love to skate, we would love to have you join us!


If you are a prospective college student or current student enrolled in a university surrounding Rochester, we would love to get your details and put you in touch with current skaters. Please fill out the prospective collegiate skater questionnaire here.




Can't make it to Rochester for one of our open houses, or if you have any questions or inquiries about joining a team, please email us

For skaters looking to join Mirror Images, we strongly encourage working on the following:

Posture & Presentation

Synch is a performance sport that requires participants to skate to music and present characters. They have to emote to selected music and show expression with their bodies and faces. Eye contact, charisma, interpretation and artistry are all things needed to be a successful synch athlete.

Turn Technique

Not only are we looking for pointed toes and proper heads, we would like our skaters to be on strong edges of all directions and sorts. Turns should be smooth, not skipped, hopped, scrapped or jumped. Depending on the team level, difficult turns must be done with ease and control.

Flexibility & Endurance

Skaters must have endurance to run programs in the cold. They also need to be physically agile and limber to attain Field Move positions such as spread eagles, Biellmann's, spirals and 170s. We strongly encourage skaters to develop their flexibility as they increase their strength.

Power & Stability

There are no free rides in synch and each skater is expected to stay on their feet whenever possible. Developing balance is a critical skill as you are skating close to others both connected and unconnected. Skaters are expected to skate with a variety of holds and arm positions.

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