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Synchronized Skating Team

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Synchro Skills 1

Synchro Skills 1

The Synchro Skills team is made up of 8 - 16 skaters. No skater may have passed higher than preliminary in any discipline, and the majority of the team must be no test. The majority of skaters must be 9-11 years old. The team is coached by Evie Gaffney.

The team practices 1 hour each week in addition to 1 off-ice session per month. Practices are held Saturday mornings from 8:00-9:00 am at Rochester Ice Center. Skaters are expected to practice their individual skills for one hour each week in addition to synch practice. The team will attend all local events and will attend 1 travel competition over February break. This is our entry level team and is all about learning to love synch, skating beyond LTS, and making friends. Skaters should be able to execute the following moves:

-  Forward and backward crossovers
-  Cross behinds (Left/Right)
-  Forward spiral (Left/Right)
-  Bunny hop
-  Lunge (Forward/Back)
-  Closed Mohawk (with close feet)
-  Forward 3 Turns (Left/Right)