Mirror Images

Synchronized Skating Team

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Our Staff

Jessica Stratton 
(Head Coach of MI; Open Masters, Adult, Collegiate, Intermediate and Pre-Juvenile) 

Jessica has been working with Mirror Images since August of 2008. Under Jessica's leadership the Mirror Images teams have medaled at the Eastern Sectional Synchronized Skating Championships in 2008 (OJ-3rd), 2012, (OJ-4th) 2013 (OJ-1st) 2014 (OJ-2nd), 2017 (OC-4th, OM-2nd), 2018 (OC-3rd), and 2019 (OC-2nd, OM-1st).  The teams have medaled at Empire State Games, Cape Cod Classic, Porter Classic, and Boston Classic over the years. Jessica's leadership has also expanded the Mirror Images program to supporting 7 synchronized skating teams as of the 2019-2020 season. In addition to her time as an individual skater, when she accomplished Gold MITF, Junior Freestyle, and Pre-Gold Dance; Jessica can frequently be found choreographing musicals for schools and community theater groups. Jessica has a strong background in off-ice dance and theater having been a dancer since the age of 3 studying it through college. Jessica has a Bachelors in Communication from SUNY Geneseo and she works for a non-profit in the Rochester area. 

Evie Gaffney
(Synchro Skills 1) 

Evie has been skating for 75 years and has been coaching for 30 years for Thomas Creek FSC. Evie was one of the original coaches in the Rochester area and is the head instructor at the Thomas Creek Ice Arena Learn-to-Skate program. She was a founding member of the Thomas Creek FSC and Mirror Images synchronized skating program. Formerly a skater with Ice Follies, Evie has skating history in her blood and has been inspiring generations of skaters through local programs. Evie re-joined the coaching staff of the Mirror Images teams as an instructor in 2015 to take over the Synchro Skills II (formerly Beginner II) team and currently coaches Synchro Skills 1.

Leanne Martin 
(Synchro Skills 2) 

Leanne has been coaching with the Mirror Images teams for 3 years for the Pre-Juvenile and Synchro Skills 2 teams and has many years of experience coaching individually. Leanne is a Head Pro for Thomas Creek FSC. She has completed gold dance, Canadian gold dance, all International dances, senior free dance, intermediate pairs, and the 6th figures test. She has worked with the students to complete gold level tests including senior moves in the field, gold dance, Canadian gold dance, senior free dance and senior solo free dance, and international dance. Leanne has an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering and a Masters in Industrial Statistics from RIT. She currently teaches graduate classes for Syracuse University and does data analysis consulting work for a health care company.

Andrea Auer 
(Synchro Skills 2) 

Andrea has been coaching for the Mirror Images teams since 2019. Andrea has been skating for 16 years with 14 years of synchro experience at various levels. She has been a part of the Thomas Creek FSC coaching staff for 3 years. Andrea will complete her M.S. in Occupational Therapy in May of 2020 from Nazareth College. She has been team manager and a member of the Mirror Images collegiate team since 2015 and the Adult team since 2019. As her time as an individual skater, Andrea is a gold medalist in moves in the field, ice dance, solo free dance, Canadian ice dance, and has completed 5 international ice dances.

Emily (Brown) Hanley 

(Dance Instructor)

Emily is a graduate of Marcus Whitman. Emily holds a BA in Dance from SUNY Potsdam where she received the Service in Dance and Dance Performance awards. While at Potsdam, Emily worked as a Student Ambassador in the Technical Theatre Department and as a Student Intern for the Arts Education Consortium. Currently, Emily is the Creative Arts Coordinator in Dance for the Arc of Monroe and their modern dance troupe, A Moving Experience. Emily has attended and performed at Bates Dance Festival, American College Dance Festival, and The West African Cultural Exchange in Dagbamete, Ghana; additionally Emily has completed Autism Movement Therapy Certification. Emily has choreographed eight musicals with Geneva Theatre Guild, Marcus Whitman and The Neighborhood Acting Company. Emily is an annual contributor to The Arts Experience Festival at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and volunteers at the Strong National Museum of Play, she lives in Brighton with her husband and golden retriever.

Our Support Team


Next Level Strength and Conditioning has been working with the Mirror Images teams. They work with skaters on their endurance, physical strength, stamina and power. The trainers have developed specific plans for the skaters to bring them to their peak performance. For more information, check out their web page here.


Butterfly Kids YOGA works with out skaters on their mindfulness, flexibility and core strength. Sessions are open to other area figure skaters as well.  For more information, check out their web page here


We also work with area coaches on our technique, transitions, and performance to enhance our overall skating.  Thank you for your support and assistance in pushing us further.