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Hair Sewing

Classic Bun

You Will Need:

  • 6 to 10 lb. fine fishing line
  • Extra long round tipped needle
  • Hair Net
  • Scissors
  • Hair Tie
  • Industrial Strength hair styling gel
  1. Cut 2 to 3 feet of fishing line and thread the needle.
  2. Generously gel hair and brush into a pony tail.
  3. Twist the pony tail into a circle around the center of the pony tail.  Position just above the top of the ears.
  4. Tuck the end under the bun and hold with one hand.
  5. Wrap the net over the bun, twist the net, wrap around again.  Repeat as needed.
  6. Have the skater hold the end of the fishing line.
  7. Sew around the edge of the bun with whip or hem stitches.
  8. Sew with bigger stitched into the middle of the bun.
  9. Knot off the end your skater is holding.  Repeat whole process if the bun seems loose.
  10. Sew the scrunchy  in the same way with generous stitches around it.
  11. Knot off after sewing. 

Donut Bun

You Will Need:

  • Tube Sock or Donut
  • 6 to 10 lb. fine fishing line
  • Hair Net
  • Hair Ties
  • Industrial Strength hair styling gel
  1. Make your hair into a ponytail. Comb your hair to get rid of any tangles through your hair. Make sure you back comb your hair to make sure the front of your hair is smooth. Use gel to smooth it down.
  2. Cut "foot" from the tube sock.
  3. From the cut end of the tube sock, put the sock on your arm and roll it down from the toe to the elastic end. It will create a donut shape.  (Not necessary if you have a professional donut.)
  4. Thread the ponytail through the hole of the donut.  Move it all the way to the base of the ponytail.
  5. Lean forward and spread your hair evenly over the sock.  if your hair is wet or has lots of gel, you will want to use a comb.
  6. Use the other elastic band and stretch it over the sock.  This can be tricky to do without messing your hair up.  Please note the ends of your hair will be sticking out all over.
  7. Use another hair tie to secure the ends of your hair to the base of your donut.  Make sure all the hair goes in the same direction.  Press it down clockwise.
  8. Tuck your ends in or if they are long enough twist or braid them around the base. 
  9. Cover with your scrunchie and sew it in.